10:00 AM     Chester and Jarius Daigle

                          Legendary Jazz musicians performing jazz, pop, and rhythm & blues                                                  music                           

                      Salemah Broussard    

                                              World performing jazz singer   

10:30 AM      Jay and Maria Cotto  Salsa and Merengue

                             Professional dance instructors                 

10:45 AM       MSU Nepalese Students Dance


11:00 AM       Mickey Smith, Jr.

                             Grammy-nominated Music Educator and Saxophonist                                                

11:30 AM       Ballroom Dancers

                                     Rosemary Pimentel School of Dance   

11:45 AM       Intuitive African Dance and Drum Culture     

                                                  Houston based dance company Intuitive African Dance and Drum Culture is a                                                     dynamic and energetic  fusion of traditional West African Dance and Culture                                                          and its transitions in this country and the Diaspora.

12:15 PM       Young Band Nation


12:45 PM        Bolivian Singer and musician   Sergio Hayes


  1:30 PM        Jazba  N.O. Bollywood                 

                                “Pasion” exemplifies these Tulane dancers


   2:00 PM       International Fashion Show                                                                      

   2:45 PM       Lamar University Bhangra Dancers

                                A unique, stand-out dance team that blends modern Bollywood                                               and traditional Bhangra with some aspects of hip hop 


   3:15 PM         Mexican Heritage Folklorica Ballet
                                        The Mexican Heritage Society is a nonprofit group to preserve and                                          promote the traditions and culture of Mexican Americans,to                                                    participate in community activities,and to provide scholarships for                                          youth of Mexican descent.


     4:15 PM          Fizzza Javaid, Karam Abbass  

                                  Renown Pakistani Singers   




                                          KIDZ   ZONE STAGE


   10:15  AM                  Dancing Jewels                                                    

   10:45  AM                  Rosemary’s  Ballroom Dancers


   11:00  AM                  Jazba         N.O. Bollywood                               


   11:30  AM                   Sikh Temple Kids Musical Performance                                                 

   12:00  PM                   Story teller at the Magic Carpet Tent


   12:30  PM                   Dr. Zhang    Ti Chi


     1:00  PM                    Intuitive African Dance and Drum Culture     


     1:30  PM                    Story teller


     2:00  PM                    Story teller









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