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by Jay Patel

Many cultures have contributed to the development of books, as we know it today.  The history of how books came about and evolved from the “clay tablet” in Mesopotamia to the current version of books on “Tablet” is rather long and rich.  

The Tablet to Tablet project will take you on a journey from current day Iraq to USA.  The exhibit explores the African contribution through the “Papyrus”, the European contribution through the “wax tablets”, and the Asian contribution of the “Bamboo books”, and the development of paper in China!  The long arduous journey that began with the “clay tablets” in Iraq has now ended in USA with the e-books on Tablets.

The History of Libraries

Libraries played a pivotal role in storing and sharing these books, and thus, the “History of Libraries” will share how different cultures had different kinds of libraries.

Based on the progress made thus far, is it possible that in the near future we will end up having libraries without books?  Could we have reached this far without books?  So, expect to be intrigued as you get informed about how we accumulated knowledge and wisdom across millenniums leading us to where we are today.


This leads to the next question...what books influenced different cultures across the world?  This will be explored in the "Read the World" project.  Clearly, it is impossible to look at all cultures and all books that may have influenced each culture (positively or negatively).  So, this is a work in progress.  We clearly and unequivocally acknowledge that religious books like the Bible, Quran, Gita, etc. have played an enormous role and continue to do so even today!  Thus we will explore the second and third tier books that played a critical role.  Many books clearly had an impact across the globe and influenced a very large portion of humanity.

So, check it out.  Share with us what you think we missed and why.  Share with us if you disagree with the choices made.  Most importantly, do not forget to share with us if you do agree with anything we did well, intrigued you, or moved you!

Finally, our children are our most precious assets.  What will we not do to educate them?  We will have a special Children’s section where parents will be able to see some of the books that have influenced or continue to influence children.  We will have stories from different cultures/countries that will be read aloud and shared with children and adolescents to expand their horizons and get them intrigued to read more.  Have you heard about Aesop’s Fables, Panch Tantra, Arabian Nights, etc.?

Thus, there will be something for everyone and for all ages!  It is not a question of “IF” you will be intrigued, but “WHAT” will intrigue you…..

The Tablet to Tablet team hard at work!


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